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Time for a change?

As your personal trainer based in the lovely town of Cheltenham, I'm fully dedicated to creating tailor-made fitness plans that are a perfect fit for your unique goals. I'm thrilled to offer you exclusive one-to-one training sessions in my private studio, nestled right in the heart of Cheltenham.


Here, in a comfortable and personal setting, I'll guide you through a fitness journey that's all about boosting your strength and conditioning. It's the perfect solution if you're a bit shy about exercising in public – our sessions will be private, friendly, and completely focused on you.


My approach to personal fitness coaching is flexible and comprehensive, with fitness programs that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, including the option for in-depth online coaching. Embrace the opportunity to transform your health and wellbeing.


Let's embark on your journey to peak fitness together today >


Personal Training

​Discover the power of personalised training tailored just for you.

What's included:

  • 1-2-1 Personal Training session

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Individual programming

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Support and communication throughout

Strength & Conditioning

Specialised coaching for team and individual sports aimed at boosting your athletic potential.

Are you ready to surpass your personal best?


Online Coaching

Are you looking to excel your sports performance?

Or perhaps you're a bit further afield but keen to train with me?

Consider the convenience of online coaching.

It encompasses all aspects of personal training, minus the in-person interaction.

Let's get started today!

Join me, Lara, on your personalised fitness journey today! We'll start by embracing our philosophy: 'learn to move well first & load second,' ensuring your bespoke plan builds a strong movement foundation.

ARC Physio
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At Tekk Fitt, I understand that holistic wellness is the key to reaching your fitness goals. That's why we've partnered with ARC Physio, a leading physiotherapy clinic, to offer you a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

Here at Tekk Fitt, I focus on coaching clients to move well first to be able to load second. Specialising in strength and conditioning, crafting tailored workouts to boost your strength and endurance. Meanwhile, ARC Physio’s skilled physiotherapists ensure your body operates at its best, addressing any existing injuries or restrictions.

Our collaborative effort harmoniously aligns your fitness journey with injury prevention and recovery. Together, we empower you to achieve peak performance, confidently and injury-free.

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